Liz Gherna Unveils New Songs at Saint Rocke

Liz Gherna performed several new songs last night to an amped crowd at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach. Gregory Dean was on guitar, Mike Yurko on bass, and Lou Hinzo on drums.

The crowd was on the floor, dancing and jamming with Good for Me, a new song written recently by Gherna and introduced at Saint Rocke.  A punk rock song, it features driving guitar riffs, cracking drums and a few f bombs.  “Awesome. Get down!” commented Gregg Wietstock in social media buzz.

Gherna performed for the first time I’m Wrong, a Nashville sounding song.

Liz Gherna also performed a new addition to the set, a cover of Essence, by Lucinda Williams, and it featured special guest Amy Clark Moura on background vocals.

Charlie Steffens was on hand for photos (see featured photo above), as was Neal Shelton on tech support – which proved crucial with a necessary equipment change mid set. Mike Leon assisted as well.

Also performed: My Stew Blues, Good Love, I Just Wanna Belong, My Life on Fire, Piece of My Heart, and Bossa Nova.

Mary Matson, Rita Ferrell, “Neal” of Super Diamond, Mike Yurko, Marilyn Simon, Jay Kauchick Yurko and Charlie Steffens photos and comments were driving social media buzz during and after the set, with hundreds of comments, posts and views.

A soundmix was recorded and may be turned into a live album. Videos are featured on YouTube at, and a variety of photos, videos and discussion are on Facebook at LizGhernaMusic, Twitter at LizGherna and Instagram at LizGherna.

Saint Rocke is located at 142 Pacific Coast Highway in Hermosa Beach. Stay tuned to for more performance updates, show coverage, new song releases and more!

ESSENCE – Liz Gherna at Saint Rocke April 22, 2017

Featuring Liz Gherna, Mike Yurko, Gregory Dean, Lou Hinzo and Amy Clark Moura.