Liz Gherna Opens for Super Diamond at Saint Rocke

Opening with a “Sunshine of Your Love” and “Wild Thing” mashup, Liz Gherna took the crowd at Saint Rocke from zero to sixty in under an hour, leaving Super Diamond with a packed house cheering for more.

The set list continued with originals “My Life on Fire” and “Tears of My Own” as more people left the comforts of their seats and headed for the stage. The phones came out and captured videos and pictures to light up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the next day.

CAbi posted Liz Gherna styled by cabi clothing, saying, “Different seasons make cabi so easy to wear…check out this Tivoli Top. You rock Liz!!!”

Jeanne Polehonki posted six awesome photos, including shots with Heather Wollman, before the show. Jeanne raved, “Great time seeing Liz Gherna at Saint Rocke!”

Neal Shelton posted “REAL TIME GIG PHOTOS” incuding some adorable crowd photos of friends and fans having fun, featuring Francesca Brooks, Elizabeth Baker, Mike Yurko, Eleanor Boucher and Liz Gherna.

Denise Lavell was the very first one to broadcast –almost live really — putting a video up RIGHT after the show ended.

The band also played “Til There Was You,” slowing it down a bit, with Liz even putting down the guitar for this Music Man hit. This was followed by “Bossa Nova,” a Liz Gherna original song.

They closed with “Louise,” a Bonnie Raitt song, and a fitting goodnight for the very fun evening. Thanks to all our friends, family and fans that came out for the show!