Liz Gherna Plays Saint Rocke in Hermosa to Sold Out House

The Liz Gherna Band played to a full house last night at Saint Rocke in Hermosa. Over 200 tickets were sold before the doors even opened, every table was reserved and it was standing room only. The gig started at 7 pm and Liz kicked off the hard folk rock fest with “Bossa Nova,” and closed with “Good Lovin.”

People were up dancing from the start, “Such a great time last night watching the Liz Gherna Band! Awesome show Liz,” posted Mary Doddridge Hazell, with Loretta Raftery, on Facebook.  “ Major you are!!” added Mike Yurko. Mary Gherna Matson commented, “Great show, Liz and Elvis!!!!!” and Neal Shelton saw the royal court, “My Queen and THE King!

The Liz Gherna Band also played, “Dreams,” “Piece of My Heart,” and “Hey Me” among ten songs total, a solid hour of warm up for a crowd that couldn’t get enough. Graceband took the stage next, with Elvis (Chris Maddox)(left with Liz Gherna)!

The Liz Gherna Band featured Liz Gherna on vocals and guitar, Rick Bryan on Drums, Gregory Dean on Guitar, and Gregg Weitstock on Bass.

So many fans, such great food and drink, amazing sound and a crowd that was a rockin good time, this was a night to remember and we hope to be back at Saint Rocke again soon!